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Risk Assessments

Deploy Paschel Theorem Pedagogy to assess, analyze, and determine student risk, likelihood and outcomes

Data Analysis

Analyze, interpret and transform data into useful and supportive information for validation and decision making.

Intervention Strategy

Utilization of data analytics and best practices for formation of treatment and plan of action to intervene or mitigate student risk

Social & Emotional Learning Curriculum

Provide a unique SEL curriculum involving scripted cinematic series modules and books with curriculum to manage emotions and make responsible decisions

Behavior Portfolio Management

Monitor behavior trends and dynamics to provide individual and aggregate remedy

Professional Development

Provide culturally competent PD exercises, activities, and knowledge building for professionals in multi-disciplinary environments

Social Planning & Smart Behavior

Research, development, planning and collective deployment of Theorem Pedagogy to schools, communities, police departments, juvenile justice centers, and public health organizations in a given neighborhood, city, state, or nation


Offer student workshops to promote authentic discourse, techniques to navigate real life situations, and culturally competent strategies


Multimedia press resources in print, broadcast and radio

What We Do

Whatever The Challenge, We Always Deliver A Solution.

We take pride in our work and approach every challenge with integrity, distinction, and accountability to deliver the best solutions for our clients.


Cutting edge technology with emphasis on proactive prevention


Creative learning pedagogy for leadership and professional development


Increase autonomy and build capacity