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Our mission is to provide preventive, scalable and culturally competent solutions to the at-risk populace through innovation, education and technology.

Change Agent

We pride ourselves in being proactively engaged in leveraging or building assets that serve the best interest of our clients. Our mission, values and strategies are aligned with assertively addressing issues through forecasting, intelligence and analytics while implementing remedies for change.

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About Demetrius Paschel

Demetrius Paschel, MSM

Creator l Principal

Demetrius Paschel has worked in the public sector for twenty years. He studied English at Alabama State University and earned BBA and Master of Science in Management degrees from Faulkner University. He served as a Minority Enrichment Research Fellow at the University of Alabama at Birmingham where he researched effective evaluation of youth programs with an emphasis on violence, hopelessness, and prevention. This work launched a distinguished career that has intermingled education, governmental affairs writing, research and analytics, and a notion that the world can be a better than it is. Paschel has partnered with the Secret Service, U.S. Marshals, universities and other public and civic organizations. He is the creator of the Paschel Theorem ®, a classified variable based algorithm designed to identify, forecast, manage behavior portfolios and provide interventions for the at-risk populace. Paschel is also the developer of a retention, attrition, and accession model for the training and recruitment of soldiers worldwide. He has served as editor for the Negro Southern League Museum and columnist for The Birmingham Times. He is Principal of the DeedsCorp Company. Through a career dedicated to the public good, Paschel has received several awards and commendations. He currently lives in Birmingham.