We are a data, analytics and outcomes driven company specializing in risk assessment, professional development, intervention, behavior portfolio management and social and emotional learning.

Reduction in chronic absenteeism

Reduction in discipline referrals and out of school suspensions

Reduction in dropout rate

Reduction of time used to assess, identify, and develop Tier III behavior interventions

Improvement in school’s climate and culture

Improvement in academic achievement and engagement

Welcome To The Paschel Theorem

The Paschel Theorem is a variable based algorithm created to forecast and mitigate the likelihood of an at-risk youth to engage in behavior which results in a suspension, expulsion or arrest. We are committed to meeting students where they are and taking them where they need to go. Our mission is to be a change agent in education and juvenile justice through research, analytics, cultural competence, and multi-media.

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Let us help you to identify, mitigate and manage risk in your classroom. We look forward to adding value to your school with our multi-tier approach and offerings.

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